How Does The Unbox & Game Sweepstakes Work?

Every month we give away $1,000 worth of board games through our sweepstakes. We advertise that sweepstakes quite a bit, including on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This invites a lot of questions about how this works, so we figured we'd take the time to address some of those and talk about how the membership works. And yes, we will get to the question that we like to answer the most, "Is the Unbox & Game Sweepstakes a scam?"

The truth is we are board game fans and we love being able to give away board games to other people who will enjoy them. That's why we chose this business and will continue to be the best board game sweepstakes on the internet.

For one, the membership is only one way to enter the sweepstakes. It's a great value by itself, with tons of benefits and discounts including:
  • VIP Gift Cards at our online store, where you will find everything from our board game t-shirts to stickers or pins and where every dollar spent gets you an entry into the sweepstakes.
  • Automatic entries into every one of our board game giveaways.
  • Special deals & discounts periodically from board game retailers.

As mentioned above, you can always enter the sweepstakes by purchasing anything in our online store and getting one entry for each dollar spent along with some killer board game merchandise. We put a lot of pride into our gear since we wear it all the time. Soft cotton blend t-shirts, super comfy warm hoodies, and some must have items for board game fans. Shop and get entered!

As is the case with any legal sweepstakes in the United States, there's no purchase necessary to enter or win. You can mail in entries as well, there's complete details located in the official rules.

 Is the Unbox & Game Sweepstakes a Scam?

This is our favorite question to answer because we take great pride in being as transparent and open in our sweepstakes process as possible. Goes hand in hand with "Is the Unbox & Game Sweepstakes Legit?"

First and foremost our sweepstakes are administered and overseen by Compliance Sweepstakes Services, one of the most respected and trusted sweepstakes companies in the country. They have clients like Pepsi, ESPN, and DirecTV, and make sure we run our sweepstakes 100% legal and transparent. They select the winner, all we do is award the prize. That's really our favorite part. 😀

Unbox & Game Sweepstakes Winners

Our first sweepstakes winner, chosen in July, was Emily S. from Portland, Oregon and the she was thrilled:

Emily ended up getting all the games you see above from, plus she also picked up 3 pre-orders that came later.

Our next winner was Adam S. from Colorado Springs, Colorado:

Adam also chose as his store and picked up the following: 

Lords of Waterdeep, Sagrada, Exploding Kittens Party Pack, Call to Adventure, Clank!, and Splendor. These are pictured. He was still waiting for One Deck Dungeon, Root, Love Letter, and the LoW expansion: Scoundrels of Skullport to be shipped.

The third winner was Chris M. from Alpena, Michigan and he chose to get his games from CardHaus.

Chris picked up the following games:

Splendor, Boss Monster + a few expansions, Lords of Waterdeep, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Sheriff of Nottingham, The Quest for El Dorado, Spirit Island, Sagrada, Marvel Contest of Champions: Battlerealm, Arkham Horror, Star Wars: Outer Rim, Black Angel, & Terraforming Mars.

Our current sweepstakes upped the ante and we increased the prize from $500 worth of board games to $1,000 worth of board games.

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